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Earth Day is a Gardener’s Day

4 Apr

Gardeners take notice, Earth Day is approaching! Monday, April 22nd is the official observed Earth Day. It’s a great excuse to take a whole day to consider, appreciate, and applaud our ecosystem as well as our reciprocal role in it, too.


As gardeners, we view every day as Earth Day, truly, but in the spirit of spring and this upcoming holiday, I’d like to dedicate this blog entry to wonderful ecological services Master Gardeners are helping to promote. Maybe some Master Gardeners have not truly considered themselves stewards of the environment, but they ought to.

Gardening is one modern method of connecting to the earth, despite living in a more urban setting. By actively participating in the natural cycles of seeding, germination, growth, and decay, gardeners connect to nature in very profound ways.

Often times around this holiday we are hearing more about ecological concerns. Indeed there is much to be concerned about with issues of climate change only steepening, and other environmental issues. Although true, such negative focus can be paralyzing at times. Not to be willfully ignorant, but out of sincere adoration, I’d like to take this opportunity commemorate all that is being done for the local environment by our Thurston County Master Gardener volunteers for the community.

The Master Gardeners take current science-based information, mostly unbiased as it is being conducted on behalf of each state’s respective land grant institution, and implements it into its training program every year. Through the training and the Continuing Education opportunities, Master Gardeners become conduits for credible gardening knowledge, distributing this valuable product throughout the community through volunteer work and simply by being a community member. Our three gardens in Thurston County (Farmers Market, Dirt Works, and Closed Loop Park) are educational sites for gardeners and community members alike. Many view them as focal recreational spaces and gathering spaces. But also, not to forget, they are earth spaces. Because whenever there is a garden instead of a shopping mall, or a parking lot, there is an ecological benefit taking place (assuming the garden is conducted with mindful practices, Integrated Pest Management).

Plants instead of concrete equates to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the air, via photosynthesis. Soil versus impermeable pavement means filtration of rain-water is occurring. Edible plants growing in the community means a reduction the carbon foot-print of shipping foods from far-away places.

Gardening is therefore ecosystem service and a social service. Thank you, Master Gardener volunteers, for beautifying Thurston County, inspiring community members, and acting as stewards to the environment!

Earth day weekend (April 20-21st) will have many of the Master Gardeners busy with activities around the community. Join us for any of the following events:

April 21st:

Oyster Bed Installation

Join AmeriCorps volunteer, Lisa Gitelman, for a demonstration installation of an Oyster Mushroom bed at Closed Loop Park. The bed will serve to re mediate run-off passing through the garden from the dog-park located at the crest of the hill. The installation is simple and easy to learn. You can use the information here to incorporate your own mycoremediation site in your neighborhood or garden or simply grow nutritious, edible oyster mushrooms!

Closed Loop Park

2418 Hogum Bay Rd NE

Lacey, WA 98516

11 am – 12:30 pm