Vote on the new banner for the MGFTC website!

17 Apr

Message from the MGFTC President:

One of the exciting and time-consuming efforts the MGFTS Board has undertaken this year is to update our MGFTC website. Thanks to members of the website committee (Roy Emory, Kaleen Cottingham, Diane Stanger, Bev Postman, Lisa Gitelman, and Cori Carlton) we have a new Foundation website with improved navigability, content, style, and ease of use. Development of this website is just one phase of a larger effort aimed at freshening up the MGFTC’s total ‘brand’ or how we present our organization to our public and customers. We will be developing guidelines on the use of our logo and other graphics on various materials so MGFTC can be identified easily and consistently.

Please help us kick off the new website by voting on a new ‘banner’, the graphic that goes at the top of our website on all of its pages. Please note that this banner is not the logo, it is simply a style component for the website. With our annual Plant Sale just around the corner, we need to be promoting it through our website. Take a moment (before April 27th) to click on the link to the blog (below) and indicate your top pick by use of the voting buttons. Thanks for helping us move this project along and watch for the new website!


Toni Ghazal, President

Master Gardener Foundation Thurston County



Polls will close at midnight on Saturday,  April 27th.  Please submit your vote prior to then.

  • Option 1:


  • Option 2:


  • Option 3:



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